Maitake Mushrooms

The Power of Healthy Brain, Healthy Blood Sugar and Healthy Immune
Rigorous Scientifically Peer Reviewed Products
By Mushroom Wisdom Inc. A Global leader in Mycological Research

Maitake D-Fraction® Pro
Maitake SX-Fraction®
AMYLOBAN® 3399 (Lion's Mane Mushroom)

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maitakeProLiq.gif Maitake D-FractionŽ Pro 2oz $89.95$73.97

2 btls minimum order
Maitake D-Fraction Pro 2oz
(Supports Healthy Immune Function)

maitakePro120.gif Maitake D-FractionŽ Pro Tablets $99.95$79.97

2 btls minimum order
Maitake D-Fraction Pro (4X) 120ct
(Supports Healthy Immune function)

maitakesx270.gif Maitake SX-FractionŽ Tablets $129.95$107.97

2 btls minimum order
Maitake SX-Fraction 270ct
(Regulates Insulin and Blood Sugar Levels)

AMYLOBAN3.jpg AMYLOBANŽ 3399 (From Lion's Mane) Tablets $89.95$73.97

2 btls minimum order
(Supports Nerve and Brain Functions)